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About Us

We, at Multi Plus Program, focus to build a sustainable relationship between our valued members and our loyal partners through our services that are above and beyond value. We aim to benefit our valued members through exclusive deals and offers extended by our trusted partners as a result of persistent and effective marketing.

With profound knowledge supported by years of experience in the industry, we endeavor to be the leading discount and marketing company recognized globally for outstanding customer service, phenomenal discount offers, and compelling marketing techniques.

Established in May, 2013, MPP – Multi Plus Program’s main goal is to benefit its valued members and trusted partners: a double-faceted business solution for savings (for members) and
marketing (for partners).

Savings beyond Value
The program is an innovative and attractive loyalty card solution that is unique in its concept but at par with existing branded promotional cards. Armed with seamless discounts and exclusive offers, the MPP loyalty cards meticulously live up to its promise of discounts on virtually all services possibly required:

• Shopping Outlets
• Restaurants
• Coffee Shops
• Education & Training Centers
• Entertainment
• Car Services
• Health & Beauty Outlets
• MPP+ Services
• Hotels & Resorts
• Travel & Tours
• Marketing

Coupled with continuous development of added-values, the MPP loyalty cards are designed to provide savings beyond value with the use of a single card.

Marketing beyond Vision
As the second facet of the program, persistent and effective marketing is dedicated to MPP’s trusted partners. The program intents to increase partnered establishments’ visibility which in turn leads to boost in production, substantial market share, and stable business reliability by incorporating traditional and statistically-effective marketing schemes. Such results are possible through the numerous channels used by the program:

• Telemarketing
• Website Promotions
• Email Campaigns
• SMS Campaigns
• Direct Marketing
• Social Media Marketing

MPP believes that a brand is no longer what the business tells the consumer it is – it is what the consumers tell each other it is. Sights set on marketing beyond vision, MPP deploys marketing campaigns that directs to reliable traditional and electronic word of mouth.